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Thanks to all those who help us.

in "What is this life thing", Thanks Noemi for sharing some of their thoughts.

We are really greatful for everything they trusted us with.

Here you have everything she`s written:

"The darkness is becoming increasingly heavy. My feet sink into the mud. I have dust on my wings because I haven't used them in a long time. It's okay. I'm starting to like the taste of the earth."

"I always chose to keep silent.

Cause silence was keeping peace.

I did that until I realised whose peace was it keeping."

"I've been waiting for some time now. Waiting for a door to appear. It didn't yet . Should I start searching?"

"I no longer know what color I am, what color you are, what color I used to be. It's been a long time of darkness, cold, and silence. I still wait for you to open the door, to let the light in, and to allow me to escape."

"In the shadow of forgetfulness, colors have faded away, and darkness, cold, and silence have long been my companions. In anticipation of your opening the door, I dream of letting the light in and granting me the freedom to escape."

"I no longer grasp where the shadow ends and the light begins. The mist is all I know, all I am, all I have been. A cloud that denies you the sight of light... me."

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