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Nadi Nadi
Feb 01, 2024
In What is this life thing?
Hi, this is apparently the first post here 💪 So I'll break the ice, I guess I've written this last night, it hit me, and had to write it before forgetting it. Sorry for the possible errors, and so on 😅 Let's dive into it I was watching this videos since I was a kid, and I realised this: And you wonder what is paradise? What is paradise? Is paradise something religious? Just saying, thinking about human mind as a machine, you know that everything we ever do, everything we ever feel, everything we ever think, is just a reaction, processed or generated by the central processing unit of every human being (the brain), against a certain event, feeling or thought. And every thought we'll ever have, every action we'll ever take, everything we'll ever feel, is pre definable knowing certain variables. Remember being a kid? Remember how colorful everything was? Remember how happy life was? Remember the birds singing? Remember de joy of living, of playing, of everything. Would you call that paradise? I would. How were humans designed? Humans, were for a matter, designed to learn, designed to discover, to be happy doing so. Remember how happy were you living for playing? Remember discovering the world? I guess paradise is about that. Why is it better first time we visit a beautiful place, and then we see it as way more boring, colder, less happy, and less welcoming? This is the exact reason. Don't you think about everything that could happen in that place? Don't you enjoy the mystery? Don't you enjoy dreaming. Even unconsciously. But this is the thing about paradise, and about any great place. It's about how we, with our imagination, generate-it. That-s what paradise is about. It's about making it in your mind. The whole paradise is within you. It's you who has to live it. Sorry again for any errors in the writing. I am not native. Hope you enjoy it🪓

Nadi Nadi

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