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what is Tired Dreams??

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Did you mean to write: The worst cult, and the most disgusting community, ever on earth?


Horrible people, also, remember in history, as the terrible people, is a list of the most horrible people ever to set foot on earth.


Tired Dreams

Tired Dreams. it really is the scariest place int he world...

Kidding. Come here, you`ll find great people. Get healed. Get great

Come join us.

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What is tired dreams??

well.. just saying. Remember those dreams you used to have. The ways you wanted to change the world?

didn`t the world grow bigger, and more grey

have you tought about your dreams lately? Bet you haven`t

To all the dreams we choose to let go of for one reason or another.


nice to meet you. We are tired dreams. Mabye not as horrible as one might think. Mabye worst..

We identify ourselves as a community, that tries to make you feel better (even though it might sometimes not feel like it does so) about ths world we live in (no we won`t, we really live in a terrible world. It`s you who has to find the happiness, we are just here to help), and help you understand whatever this life thing is.

We want your words to be heared, so if you have anything you really care to say, if you want to get your ideeas heared, you are in the perfect place.

We unfortunately don`t sell guns, or any type of light or heavy weapons, we will try to change the world by other means, though.

Our favorite weapon probably, is graffiti nevertheless.

we are happy to have you here.

now go. you have great things to achieve.

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